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We're Moving Your Patient Portal to: MyHealthRecord.com
A New and Enhanced Portal Coming January 23, 2017!  

You will soon receive an invitation to join the new portal, and the new portal will be available to access on Monday, January 23, 2017. The invitation will include instructions for registration, which is a quick, three step process.  You will be able to communicate with our providers, view your medical chart, request appointments and much more from any device, like tablets, smartphones and desktop computers Old portal accounts (immunoe.portalforpatients.com) will deactivate Friday, January 13th, 2017 .

o    Make sure we have your current email. We will need it to invite you to MyHealthRecord.com.

o    If you have messages you want to keep, print and save them for your records. They won’t be available on MyHealthRecord.com.

o    Download any health information you might need during the upgrade. It will be on MyHealthRecord.com after the upgrade, but there will be a short time when your records will not be available online.


IMMUNOe is at the forefront of allergy and immune-related health and research.  Our health centers focus on the immune system\'s underlying role in maintaining your overall health, while our research centers work with leading pharmaceutical innovators to develop the next generation of treatments for our patients In addition to our specialized allergy and immunology practice, we also strive to meet the medical needs of your entire family.  At Horizon Primary Care, our pediatricians and family practice clinicians will offer expert care for your entire family. Our full spectrum of services are backed by not only our expert team of medical professionals but also by our IMMUNOe affiliates.

At IMMUNOe and Horizon Primary Care, we strive to offer our patients convenient, high-quality care.   One of the ways we do this is by offering our patients online health services through this portal.

These services include online appointment scheduling , online patient forms , medication renewals , and more.   If you are currently a patient with our clinic and interested in signing up for these services, simply click on the Register  link and follow the instructions to sign-up.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a patient with our clinic, please click on the Register  link and follow the instructions for new patient registration, or contact us  at your convenience.